One system regulates the entire fashion industry.

The mission of the IFDAQ is to determine a scientifically flawless and market-shaped quotation of a fashion entity (covers the entire industry), which offers market leaders an accurate benchmark for their plans and strategies.
Under a strict scientific supervision, it also solves several problems of the fashion industry, including those of the fashion modeling branch, which are affecting the market and making it one of the most questionable business areas of the fashion industry.

Analyze, research and plan your work in fashion with the power of AI and smart scientific quantification.

The IFDAQ 2.0 provides access to the most powerful and most professional analysis instrument in fashion, which is based on the most advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence and introduces a new era of intelligent and unrivaled quantification.

Started in 2008 as a research project, the IFDAQ series are the very first automated and intelligent quantification systems of the EDAQS systems and have been declared as being a groundbreaking and unique analysis tool for the fashion industry.

Since then, the IFDAQ was also able to prognosticate careers and performances of fashion professionals by calculating a final benchmark value from decisive factors under the most complex conditions, which guarantee an accurate and precise rating of the entity.

The IFDAQ series introduced a new era of highly intelligent data processing with unmatched quantification systems for the professional fashion industry and its marketing.
Its precision and prognostic evaluation, which accurately defines the career conditional benchmark and market potential of a professional fashion entity respectively, has made it being a reliable and mighty system with a set of differentiated and scientific methodologies.

Developed in cooperation with selected and outstanding data partners, the IFDAQ is sponsored by a pool of reputable and front row fashion companies.
In addition, the IFDAQ has gained prominent support from several leading fashion mavens who are able to spot the next big name at the right moment.

Today, it is an outstanding example of how powerful digital information can be quantified and converted into an unrivaled and crystal clear regulatory tool, which hasn’t only the “raison d’être” but moreover the obligation to provide full transparency and veridical facts with success.

Analyse with 100+ chart techniques, analytics and indicators as well as scientific instruments for the fashion intelligentsia!

Why and how is the fashion industry using the IFDAQ?
What are the benefits of intelligent automated quantification?

Everyone who works with models, be it on creative or strategic plans benefits from the IFDAQ, this includes the entire fashion economy. The application examples are numerous and can be customized through various instruments and chart techniques tools. Nevertheless, the following are a quick preview of the advantages.

Marketing Planning

Precise forecasts and prognosis data of a model allows a successful planning of marketing strategies and campaigns for any brand and any involved fashion professional.

Casting Power

Who is the next Cara Delevingne? Is Kate Moss still a lucrative advertising face? How far will Kendall Jenner rise in the world of high fashion? The IFDAQ opens up new dimensions for a facilitated and success-guaranteed casting. Grab your next face for your next big campaign before others do.

Budget Control / Spending

Identify overpriced budget demands and optimize your booking expenses with the agencies by taking advantage of transparent and fundamental facts during your budget negotiations. The IFDAQ is the first tool that regulates budget discrepancies in a scientific and crystal clear manner.

Catch a Shooting Star

Spot the next rising star and take her under exclusive contract before she is unaffordable! IFDAQ has predicted almost all careers of the current and past supermodels, such as Agyness Deyn, Toni Garrn, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and more recently Anna Ewers, long before their breakthrough.

Scouting intelligence

Agencies have dreamed of it since ever: observe the development and work quality of your models in an international comparison. Optimize your scouting process, support promising talents and improve the quality of your books.

Campaign Maker

Take advantage of highly intelligent analyses that provide you with specific reach and market distribution of the model. Let your campaigns benefit from an upcoming strength of the model’s career.

Market Analysis & Brand Advertising Value

Analyze the impact of your individual campaigns and marketing strategies in fashion. Scientific analysis tools help you with new insights into this complex market and allow you to determine the advertising value within the fashion industry.

Brand influence

How much is your brand influencing the fashion markets? Continuously improved and expanded functions as well as other IFDAQ products offer you unrivaled insights into the global impact measurement of your brand.

Modeling Market Fairness

The IFDAQ stands for transparency, fail competition and objectivity. The science and the digital intelligence on which the big ones like Apple, Google, Microsoft and so on are currently focusing, provide an absolute fairness in this unregulated market and support the legitimate rights of the fashion models.

Career Certificate & Market Standard

An IFDAQ position doesn’t only represent a sign of quality, which can be used by the models, agencies and their clients, but it is moreover an official indicator of the status of one's professionalism.

Magazine Cover Pick

Trending models make the cover. With the IFDAQ you choose exactly the newcomer or supermodel that is apt for your next cover work.

Authoritative Regulatory System

Universities, scientific institutions and several official authorities (e.g. the US Immigration Service) have already taken the IFDAQ values us an official benchmark and reference for their decisions.

Efficient career planning

You tell it what you do. IFDAQ tells you where you (should) go. The IFDAQ allows detailed analyses and career suggestions, based on your market-related performance and technical breakdowns.

Professional Technical Analysis

Only the best technical analyses and methodologies are selected to help you reading the charts. Exclusive fashion-related indicators and scientific strategies are available at your fingertips.

And there are...

... so many other reasons to use this unmatched and powerful forecasting tool. Influence your career with the IFDAQ.

The beginning of the end of unreliable evaluation in fashion.

Strong partners, influential supporters and a fine selected network of reliable and respected data sources are the fundament of a superb scientific AI-creation.


As the very first automated scientific data and statistics research project that works with intelligent quantification, EDAQS's Alpha Zero system plays a fundamental role in data retrieval for the IFDAQ.
It's own fashion research database comprehends nearly 70M records and in combination with the FMD, which is considered to be the world's largest public fashion database, and with the strong support in know-how and capital from a number of leading fashion ventures as well as AI specialists and consultants, the IFDAQ offers the most sophisticated fashion analytic instrument.


To make the IFDAQ's quotation even more accurate and intelligent, we integrated further intelligent systems that are used to perfect the quantification process.
Among nearly a dozen of smart systems that evaluate the key entities in fashion, like fashion magazines and brands, the MARS, which is a fully transparent automated modeling agencies rating system, as well as the FACER (Fashion City Economic Rating) that measures the importance and the market share of a city within the fashion industry, are used in a number of sub-factors to optimize the accuracy of the IFDAQ.


A number of primary data sources report smartly elaborated data sets in real-time and directly to the IFDAQ system.
The data type ranges from simple SVIs (Search Volume Index) to the modernest systematic trend values, some of which are not available to the public.
These products from leading properties such as Wikipedia, Google and Bing, are extending the IFDAQ's level-headed processes within sub factors and offer a broad insight into global demand information.


Besides the sophisticated and intelligent data retrieval and the aforementioned sources, the IFDAQ uses dozens of other applicable industry sources that are being expanded continously.
The most notable are Forbes and Bloomberg for assets related researches, as well as several digital properties from the Hearst and Condé Nast networks, which are analyzed by EA0 (EDAQS Alpha Zero) and are being included as a reliable source to smartly define the trending entities.

Ready for the fashion force?

Due to the high demand and our mission to bring more transparency to fashion, we decided to open a limited free version of the IFDAQ to the public in Q1/2017.
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